How To Get Group Health Insurance Quotes In Atlanta

group health insurance quotes in atlanta

Group Health Insurance In Atlanta

Affordable Group Health Insurance Quotes In Atlanta From Lloyd Pro Group

If you own or manage a small business have you thought about the advantages that will come with offering your employees group health benefits and insurance?

Did you know that group health coverage is much more affordable than most realize?

Group health insurance will cover the employer, employees, and many times the dependents of the employees. This type of health insurance is beneficial for you, the employer, because it will help you recruit and retain the best workers. And the benefits for the employees are obvious as they will have medical coverage should they professional attention. Also, if your employee has a history of medical issues, they cannot be turned down, as is possible with an individual plan.

This means both YOU and your prospective employees win BIG TIME.


When your employees are healthy, your business is healthy.

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Prague health insurance

Ever been to Prague?

Here is an article we wrote about health insurance in Prague.


The health system is very different there than here in the states.

Here is a small intro to the article:

How does health insurance work in Prague?

What if you are going to visit or work there, can you get health coverage?

We will answer these questions here.

Healthcare in the Czech Republic is paid for on the basis of contributions from your salary (if you work for a Czech employer), and they are paid to a public health insurance company. If you are self-employed you can choose which health insurance company you want to deal with. Many employers and individuals have an arrangement with Všeobecná zdravotní pojišt´ovna České republiky (General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic) or VZP ( ), as it´s normally referred to. It´s the largest health insurance company in the country, and is used to dealing with foreigners. It has offices throughout the Czech Republic.

You can go here to read the rest…

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Should you get Moving insurance?

Moving insurance: Is it worth it?

should you get moving insurance

If you are moving soon then you might be curious about the optional movers insurance they offer.

It is scary to think of someone else DROPPING your stuff.

Can your home owners insurance company help you with a move?

Your personal property is protected under something called a “named perils” basis. What does this mean? Simply that only the specifically named perils in your particular policy will be covered for a loss.  An example of this would be a loss due to fire or theft.

Once the movers close the door of the moving truck and take possession of your things your standard home insurance policy isn’t going to help you any more.

So what should you do?

You need to get some moving insurance coverage from the movers.

There are two types so pay close attention so you know what you are getting.

  1. Full-value protection- You will have to pay for this.
  2. Released-value protection – This is FREE

What is the difference between the two of these coverages?

Click here to find out

Contact an Atlanta home insurance agent with good reviews to help you.

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Will my personal things be protected with property insurance?

How do I know that my personal things are protected with property insurance?

So you are loyally paying your renters insurance and home insurance premiums religiously for years. Thankfully you haven’t needed to file a claim yet.

But what if you needed to do so tomorrow… Would you be covered like you would hope to be?

It all depends on what kind of riders you have added to your policy.

Your Atlanta home insurance company offer “riders” that can be added to your policy to provide additional coverage.  For example here are two riders that you can select:

  • Actual Cash Value: The coverage will pay out on what the property  is worth at the time of the loss.  As you can imagine  this takes into consideration depreciation of the item based on  the Age of the item,  market value and the condition of the property at the time of loss or damage. In other words a $1,000 TV when new might only be worth $150 now after a few years of use.
  • Replacement Cost: This coverage will write you a check (minus the deductible) for what it would cost to REPLACE the item and buy you a new one if damaged or destroyed. It ignores depreciation completely.

Click here to read the rest of the article to see what Clark Howard suggests…

Lloyd Pro Group and Nationwide insurance have been providing free home insurance quotes in Atlanta since 1985.

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