How much homeowners insurance should you have?

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Will you make this common mistake when getting homeowners insurance?

A homeowners becomes very DEPRESSED after they experience a pipe break in their home or damage from a storm.

Why do they become DEPRESSED?

It is very simple.

They chose their home insurance policy simply by PRICE.

You see they never stopped to THINK about the value they were getting.

When you call Lloyd Pro Group we will help you to answer the following questions before giving you a home insurance quote.

Remember that you need enough insurance to cover the following:

  1. The structure of your home.
  2. Your personal possessions. Remember to use a home inventory sheet.

Read about points 3 and 4 here in the article How much home insurance should you get?

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Protect yourself with Home inventory!

Just suppose You had a broken pipe at 2 am last night?

Everything you loved was RUINED.


What would you FREAK out over the most?


Call Lloyd Pro Group To Learn Easy Ways To Take A Home Inventory

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The SIG Insurance Agencies

home inventory cheshire ct

Protect yourself with a home inventory before its too late!

Home insurance tip brought to you by Nationwide insurance

Don’t wait until you have a broken pipe to start thinking about your damaged possessions you need to replace. Frozen pipes haver a way of SNEAKING up on you! Take a home inventory today.

  1. Take photos with your iphone of your  belongings and upload them to dropbox
  2. Document all receipts and credit card statements
  3. Store your list in a safe deposit box
  4. Consider getting high end items appraised and then adding riders.

Need help with your Cheshire home insurance?

Call for a free quote now.

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how to file home insurance claim

How to file a home insurance claim in Atlanta?

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7 Tips To File a Homeowners Insurance Claim in Atlanta

atlanta home insurance claims

Are You Aware Of These 7 Tips To File a Homeowners Insurance Claim in Atlanta?

  • Maybe there has been accident at home.
  • A break in.
  • Vandalism perhaps.
  • Or a natural disaster

The only way that your homeowners policy to pay for itself is if you file a claim in a timely and complete manner.

So you need to file a claim do you?

Here are 7 tips from Lloyd Pro Group your favorite place to get a home insurance quote in Atlanta.

1. Report the incident to authorities. For a burglary, vandalism, fire or other trauma, this is a vital first step. Leaky roofs, malfunctioning HVAC systems, etc. aren’t typically reasons to contact the police or fire department. If police and fire are dispatched to your residence, give them all the details of the event. Keep copies of their reports – you’ll need them when filing your insurance claim.

2. Call your insurance company. After you file a police or fire report, contact your insurance agent or company’s claims department. Your policy probably requires you to do so within a certain amount of time after the loss. When you call, have all of the details of the incident, plus your policy number.

3. Complete a claims form with your agent. This form includes all the details of the incident. Be thorough – note what was damaged, when and how. For smaller claims, filing a claims report should suffice. For larger losses, your agent may send an adjuster to inspect the damage.

4. Document the damages. Before you begin cleanup, photograph or record the damage and include the images with your claim. It’s a good idea to visually document your home and belongings before a loss, so you have “before” and “after” images when filing a claim.

To get points 5,6,7 go heresource

Remember that Nationwide and Lloyd Pro Group are on your side!

If you are shopping for a new homeowners agent then give us a call today 🙂

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Since the affordable care act more and more small businesses are dumping employee benefits in Atlanta.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Why would they do that?

First of all businesses with 50 or fewer employees are not required to offer health insurance under Obama Care.

In a moment though we will discuss why you might want to invest in employee benefits in Atlanta for your business.

In this survey:

  • Only 40% plan on offering coverage in 2015.
  • Only 28% plan on offering it in 2016.

The reason…

Small businesses face higher costs.

It has been particularly hard on small businesses since healthcare costs are rising.

They are encouraging employees to get coverage on the public health exchange since they might have pre-existing conditions.

They also remind them that they might get government subsidies that the employee wouldn’t get if they got employee benefits.

What about your small business?

REMEMBER that to attract the best employees a group plan can certainly make a difference.

Group benefits packages may include:

  • health plans
  • life insurance
  • disability insurance
  • Retirement plans

What makes up a quality benefits package can be different from person to person, but believe us it is a major deciding factor for your next future employee.

This can get really complicated for a small business to tackle on their own.

The easy thing for them to do is NOTHING.

So they LOSE out on the best employees.

If you want to ATTRACT and maintain quality employees, you will need to offer a customized and competitive benefits package, and working with an outsourced provider can help you to get the most coverage for money and industry.

Lloyd Pro Group would like to help tailor make a plan group insurance in Atlanta for your business.

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