Are you covered for Flood insurance ?

Are You Covered With Flood Insurance with your Home Insurance Policy?

Homeowners insurance does not include Flood Insurance.

Did you know that home insurance in Georgia does not cover flood insurance?

Many people don’t. They assume that since it is regarding the home, the flood insurance to cover the home is included in the home insurance. You will need a separate flood insurance policy to cover your home. You can get this policy through your agents at Lloyd Pro Group.
At Lloyd Pro Group we want to make sure you understand the specifics of your flood insurance and homeowners insurance coverage and are fully aware of all your options- especially when it comes to your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Because Georgia homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance do not cover floods, it has is becoming increasingly imperative for you to purchase a custom Georgia flood insurance policy to appropriately protect your home, especially if you are located in a flood zone.

Natural disasters happen- and most without warning. It is up to you to shield yourself from the consequences and trouble they can cause. That’s why at Lloyd Pro Group, we continue to help you are aware of your options, understand the risks, and get the coverage that works for you.

As you know, we provide excellent home insurance and renter insurance policies. But we also want to ensure that you recognize that there may be gaps in your coverage that need to be addressed. Our home policy covers the structure of your home insurance as well as liability, but there are additional risks that you may need a separate insurance plan for, such as flood insurance.

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