How to protect your home from burglary

Protecting your Home against Burglary and Save on Home Insurance:

Protecting your home from theft and burglary is a consideration when it comes to home insurance. Theft claims ore ones that can raise your premium and no one wants to feel the violation when an unwanted person is in your home and rifling through your possessions. No one wants to go through the heartache of losing valuable items or making a claim to your home insurance. Now for the good news: there are precautions you can take to protect yourself and your family from burglary and theft.

–       Know your neighbors. Look out for each other. Create a neighborhood watch committee if yours doesn’t already have one. You can even have the local police department come in and host for you.

–       Trim your shrubbery so it doesn’t cover any doors or windows. Burglars look for places to hide- especially near openings. Don’t give them the opportunity.

–       Use deadbolt locks and secure all entries into your home. Keep doors locked while you’re there. Deadbolts and a security alarm are both discounts on your home insurance policy!

–       Install a peephole in your front door, and use it. Know who it is at your door before you open it. Don’t give bad guys the chance to force their way in.

–       Talk to your kids about not opening the door to strangers. Make sure they know to not to let anyone know a parent is not home..

–       Don’t hide keys outside the front of your house. If possible, make sure everyone has their keys. Keep one for emergencies, but not hidden where anyone can watch where.  Maybe around back, where a passerby can’t see what you are doing. Many crimes are those of opportunity.

–       Mark valuable property with a code or number you would recognize. Dremel tools are inexpensive and super handy. For one, you can etch your initals into about anything. Any type of permanent identifying marks will deter a would be thief.

–       Use timers to turn lights and radios on and off when you are on vacation, and stop newspaper and mail delivery until you return home. If anything, have a neighbor bring mail or newspapers inside. You can keep a radio or TV on during the day, too.
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