Are you covered for a tornado?

Are you covered for a tornado in Atlanta?

While tornado’s are relatively rare here in Atlanta we have had our fair share over the last few years, haven’t we?  That brings up the question then,  will your Georgia home insurance protect you in case a tornado? Will your home and belongings be covered if there is any damage to them? Hee are a few tips to help you answer that question.

1: Check your homeowners policy

Yes, your home is usually protected against tornado and wind damage as long as you pay your homeowners insurance premiums. It wouldn’t be a bad idea though to double check your policy for the details. If you are not too sure just contact your GA insurance agent and they will answer that question for you.

2: Call your agent asap

So in the instance of  your home being hit by a tornado you need to contact your GA insurance company ASAP!  Why is this so urgent? Well depending on your coverage  and the state you live in your policy might actually put a time limit on filing tornado claims. This means that every moment counts.

Now remember, in the event of a tornado you probably will not be the only ones filing a claim. This is another reason to call them as soon as possible. These claims will be addressed by priority so the more damage to your home, then the sooner you will be helped. Make sure you give them all of your contact information.

3: OK… Prove It!

The key to this is being organized. Get a camera and a roll of film and document every part of the damage to your home and belongings. These photos will help you to get your claims both quicker and easier.

The reason we say you need to be organized is that you will need to show the value of the items that were destroyed. So do you have receipts and pictures of your belongings in a safety deposit box? If not, think of how frustrating it will be to try to prove it later on to the insurance company.

4: Don’t trust every huckster that rings your bell offering to help you with the damage

Remember that sscammers and nake oil salesmen come out of the woodwork during times of natural disasters like this. So be leary of every one that comes knocking on your door wanting you to sign a contract. The offer to handle everything with the insurance company. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

What can you do?

  • Collect business cards
  • Ask for written estimates
  • Check proof of workers compensation insurance and general liability
  • Check references
  • Check for complaints with the BBB

Lloyd Pro Group and Nationwide insurance have been helping Atlanta protect what is most important to them since 1985. Lloyd Pro Group can be reached at (770) 381-5000

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