Atlanta street cars are now running

The city of Atlanta’s $98 million electric streetcars projects first section of a possible city-wide network now open to the public.

This small loop of an electric streetcar system opened just a few days ago, on December 30th, but is well worth taking note of, as this is the first time that a streetcar has operated in Atlanta since all the way back in 1949. Back in early 20th century the streetcar was so popular that, apparently, even the mayor of the city would ride it to work. source

Will it ease congestion on the busy roads of Atlanta that are congested with traffic and car accidents?

Although the electric streetcars, condemned by some as a $98 million gimmick, will not relieve Atlanta’s traffic woes as they glide across nearly three miles of track, they will make a difference in the life of those in the immediate vicinity.

For passengers, the streetcars, which are expected to carry about 2,600 people each weekday, appeared to be both an economic advancement and a neighborhood improvement.

“You can’t live in your city if you can’t get places,” Tova Baruch, 40, said as she waited at the Woodruff Park stop and talked of walking to the system from her home in the Cabbagetown neighborhood. source

Will you be using the street cars?

Will it be for work or for the novelty of saying you tried it?

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