Child Carseat Safety Tips

Whether you have a newborn baby (Congratulations!), a toddler, or big kid, this is information that you NEED to know. Lloyd Pro Group, YOUR Atlanta Insurance Agency, would like to help you understand the importance of child car seat use, as well as Child Safety laws that pertain to your family.

Specializing in YOUR Atlanta Auto Insurance and your car safety, we try to do what we can to prevent bad things from happening and be there for you if and when things do happen. Lloyd Pro Group wants to ensure you are covered every step of the way. Your children are the most precious thing in your life. You must treat them that way and understand that although you may be a great driver that obeys all the laws, there are other drivers that don’t. Sometimes things are unavoidable, and they ALWAYS happen in a split second. This is why you have to do everything you can to protect your family, as we do for you, as ours. Knowing the law is the first step.

Understanding the 4 basic categories of child safety seat usage is the key. And it is easy with these guidelines from NHTSA.

INFANTS/Rear Facing Seats: MUST BE Rear facing in the back seat. Center seat is the safest seat if possible. They must remain rear facing in the back seat up until they are at least 1 year of age AND 20 pounds. No exceptions!

TODDLERS/Forward facing seats: 1 year and 20 lbs to 4 years and 40 lbs. Forward-facing in the back seat. 5 point harnesses are by far the safest.

CHILDREN/Booster Seats: 4 years old AND 40 lbs to at least 8 years old. Children must stay in the back seat in a booster seat. Make sure to check seat manufacturer for weight and height restrictions. Many 5 point harness seats will go up to or even surpass 100 lbs.

TWEENS/Seat belts: children who are 8 years old (Usually 4’9”) may use the adult seat belt in the back seat. Make sure the lap belt fits properly across the upper thighs and shoulder belt fits comfortable across chest.

Not sure which car seat to use? Click here for car seat ratings and comparisons.

Also, remember don’t ever use a car seat that has been in any type of car crash previously. Don’t know for sure? Don’t use it. Is your car seat ready for a wash? Most covers are washable and even replaceable- but don’t ever wash the straps. It will compromise the integrity and safety of the straps.  

Call one of our 4 Atlanta and area locations to find out where your nearest carseat checkpoint location will be. With locations in Atlanta/Marietta, Gwinnett/Duluth, DeKalb/ Decatur, and Douglasville, we have you covered! Also, look for checkpoints at LPG locations coming soon!

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