Being Green at Work- Tips for a Greener Workplace

Lloyd Pro Group Insurance Agency in Atlanta wants to make Earth Day 2010 not just a day- but a lifestyle.  Let’s jump-start our efforts at reducing, reusing, and recycling. The good news: it’s not as difficult as it would seem. “A lot of the ways that people become environmentalists are just by following their common sense,” said Kim Mickenberg, a spokeswoman for the Earth Day Network. “It’s not only about saving the planet, it’s about saving your money,” she said. “There’s a convergence in our economic and ecological interests.”

Lloyd Pro Group and Nationwide Insurance want to help you make the transition an easy one into a better, greener lifestyle in out Deep South home, Atlanta! As an Atlanta- based Insurance Agency, we seem to concentrate of auto, home, and business, so let us help you where we know the most about! We always like to do everything we can to give you the best life and save you the most money, so here it is!


• Avoid the traffic and enjoy your ride! Carpool when possible. If anything, carpool to lunch. Try  for people in your neck of the woods!
• Bring lunch in reusable/washable containers. Make a goal of having one waste-free lunch each week.
• Use email instead of copies whenever possible. Save to file instead of printing.
• Make sure to turn off lights, computers, coffee, and other appliances when out of the office and not in use.
• Drink coffee and other beverages from reusable/washable mug.
• Lower thermostats in your work are during winter or raise them in the summer by one or two degrees to conserve energy. Lower/raise thermostat when out of the office.
• Be sure to recycle toners, cartridges, and batteries. Don’t just throw them away. Check with Recycle Atlanta for service centers, pick-ups, and more tips.
• Batteries power lots of things in the office: calculators, fans, radios. Switch to use rechargeable batteries, which have 32% less impact on the environment.
• Make 2 sided copies more often. If you don’t have a paperless office, recycle the paper you do use. Save scrap paper for jotting notes down on… And for goodness sake, if you use time cards, go paperless on those!
• Create a recycling center in the break room. Encourage the use of this by all employees. You’ll be surprised at the participation.

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