CAUTION: Deer Crossing

It’s Fall So Watch Out For Those Deer

Fall is here and so that means its also deer mating season. Did you know that statistics show that more car/ deer accidents happen in the month of November then any other? So we need to really be on the lookout for deer in the early morning and at dusk. Now that day light savings time is here our days will be getting shorter and shorter. This means that the perfect time to hit a deer is on the way home from work now! The question you need to ask yourself is whether your Atlanta auto insurance policy will cover you?

This problem is not unique to Atlanta. Recently we commented on a new program in Colorado to help drivers spot deer while driving. And today, the Ohio State Insurance blog shares these tips to help to avoid accidents with deer.

-Drive with extreme caution, at or below the posted speed limit, in areas with deer-crossing signs.

-Most crashes occur in the months of October through January,
followed by May. Highest-risk periods are from sunset to midnight,
followed by the hours shortly before and after sunrise.

-If you see one deer on or near a roadway, expect others to follow. Slow down and be alert.

-After dark, use high beams when there is no opposing traffic.
High beams will illuminate the eyes of deer on or near a roadway and
provide greater motorist reaction time. Don’t rely solely on high beams
to deter collisions.

-Always wear a seat belt as required by state law and drive at a safe, sensible speed for conditions.

-If a collision with a deer seems probable then hit it while
maintaining full control of your vehicle. Don’t swerve your vehicle to
avoid striking a deer. Brake firmly and stay in your lane. The
alternative could be even worse.

-Stay alert. Deer are always unpredictable. They often dart out into traffic on busy highways in metro areas.

-Report any deer-vehicle collisions to a local law enforcement

These are helpful tips for everyone. However, what happens if you hit a deer one evening?

Will you be covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, your basic Atlanta auto insurance may not be enough. If you want your insurance company to pay for the damage caused by a deer you will need to make sure you have more than a simple GA liability insurance policy. A car and deer collision is only covered by a “comprehensive” policy. So if you have “full coverage” you should be fine. Just remember that you will be responsible for the deductible before the insurance agency issues you a check for repairs.

If you are not sure about what your policy will cover, why not contact Lloyd Pro Group right now at (770) 497-1200. Your friendly agent will explain your current policy with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Lloyd Pro Group and Nationwide insurance have been helping folks save on Atlanta car insurance for over 20 years. They can be reached at (770) 497-1200.

We would love to hear your “deer” or even any kind of “wildlife crossing” stories. How did it happen, what was the outcome? Let us and others know!

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